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Spring / Summer Roller Hockey Season in Full Force!


Spezia, Excelling year 'round

Shifting Gears...

Now that most ice programs are winding down or finished, some of the top players in the country use Roller Hockey as the ultimate cross-training. It keeps their skills and conditioning at a top level.
Tyler Spezia, from Michigan, plays for one of the top AAA programs (ice) in the country, and was in the top 10 in scoring for Nationals. He is an advocate of Roller Hockey and plays in National tournaments in the off season, such as NARCh, TORHS, and State Wars.

The" Free Flowing", "wide open to be creative as you want", "Roller Game", is a benefit that our hockey players can really use. The awareness off the puck offensively, and having to "mark/cover' your opponent defensively, helps you become a better all around hockey player...  "Nothing Wrong with Shifting Gears", So get Ready for the Spring/Summer Roller Hockey Tour!!!

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Pro Players taking advantage of Roller Hockey

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